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Importation and Exportation, Development and Logistics Planning in International Modals of Transport.

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We provide optimized solutions to all legal and fiscal proceedings of Foreign Trade operations and all modals of Importation transport.

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Air, Maritime, Road and MultiModal Transport. We provide suitable solutions to any specific door-to-door demand.

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Our Services in details


  • :: Collecting of the documents from the air and sea companies.
  • :: Analyze the documents received from abroad.
  • :: Follow-up of the cargo unloading.
  • :: Preparation of the Import License (IL).
  • :: Preparation of the Import Declaration (ID).
  • :: Payment of the import duties and taxes.
  • :: Physical Conference of the goods with the responsible authorities.
  • :: Delivery of the goods to the importer.
  • :: Preparation of the ROF.
  • :: Drawback and its categories.
  • :: Customs Warehouse.
  • :: Temporary Admissions, contemplating all the special and non-conventional customs procedures.


  • :: Air and Sea Freight quotation.
  • :: Booking.
  • :: Preparation of AWB for AirShipments and Bill of Lading for SeaShipments.
  • :: Preparation of DUE; Packing List ; Origin Certificate.
  • :: Transport and release of the cargo at the port, airport or frontiers.
  • :: Consularization of the documents.
  • :: Temporary Exportations and non-conventional exportation processes (Trade Fairs, repairs, etc).

Cargo Agency

WR PRIME LOG represents CE Cargo, an International NVOCC, all over São Paulo state.
Thus, we are able to operate as a maritime cargo consolidator, LCL and FCL.
This enables us to offer a diversified schedule at the main Brazilian ports and extends our services to a pool of international agents at strategic places, such as Hub ports and have prompt assistance for releasing and delivering the goods at the final destination.
We have representatives in all continents of the world:

  • :: North, Latin and South America
  • :: Europa
  • :: África
  • :: Ásia, Far and Middle Orient
  • :: Oceania


WR PRIME LOG is a company committed to offer high qualified services, with modern infrastructure and competent partners to provide support at the main ports of Brazil. Our partners, importers and exporters can count on our fast and safe logistics, mainly for the road and containers transport.
Our team is qualified to check possible averages once each loading and unloading is accompanied by a professional by WR PRIME LOG or from our partners´.

Our partnership with Cooperinter, (Santos Autonomous Drivers Cooperative) has positive results to the clients because it concentrates the communication from dispatching to the goods delivery.
We also count on representatives at the International airports of Viracopos and Guarulhos.


WR PRIME LOG has the adequate infrastructure to assist your company for Importation and Exportation shipments, providing you with the register of your company at Receita Federal system called RADAR, Import Licenses, tariff classifications, transferences to EADI´s e following-up with specific projects, such as Drawback and Temporary Importations.
We are able to interact, increment and qualify all the activities of our clients, not only by doing the cargo agency but also representing them internationally. We focus to guarantee their time deadlines and expectations with reduced costs. In other words, we offer a wide range of options for management of the logistics chain for Importation and Exportation.

With WR´s PRIME LOG partnership, we can concentrate on your core business, leaving the management of the Logistics chain under our responsibility.
This is fruitful to our clients´ results as well as WR´s PRIME LOG.

Customs dispatch

  • Check the shipment documents according to the current customs legislation
  • Check whether the Importation License is mandatory, before the shipment departure and official authorities requirements (consenting bodies/parties) in order to anticipate measures of the documents
  • Update the current customs legislation and convey it to the clients by Newsletters
  • Send the cost estimate according to each importer´s request
  • Send the pre-alert every day at each stage of the process
  • Follow-up of the processes efficiently so that the cargo is released according to each importer´s expectation

Road Transport

  • Container transport
  • Special cargo transport
  • Follow-up of the importation cargo releases at the terminals
  • Close synergy between WR PRIME LOG and road transport companies

Customized projects

  • Preparation of claims with the governmental authorities
  • Projects Ex-tariff for Importation duty
  • Project for Drawback of Suspension and Exemption
  • Processes of Temporary Admission / Exportation

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